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Meteorscan Server Fund

Thank you for visiting this page and helping us to fund our servers and bandwidth requirements, as well as maintaining the technical equipment needed to run this service.

Campaign started: 25 September 2016

Target: $2,500

Donations Received: $172.59

(6.9% funded as of )

We want to keep Meteorscan well maintained and completely free for everyone to use. We don't want to resort to obtrusive advertising and the associated tracking cookies all over our website. One way we an achieve this is with your help. By contributing a little something to our server fund, even just $5 or £5, it will go some way to help us keep the system running 24/7/365 and if we exceeed our target, help us fund further improvements.

The money will contribute towards the upgrading and running costs of our two web hosting servers (1 in UK and 1 in USA) which deliver the website and live feed respectively, and towards our ISP and bandwidth costs, equipment maintenance and future upgrades.

As a community supported project, we can remain independent and without compromise, or pressure from market forces.

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E Wuensch
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Many thanks for your support.

If you'd rather your name is shown as "anonymous contributor" please contact me and let me know.

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Please help us to keep this website free, unrestricted & without adverts.

Help us keep our service freely available, unrestricted and keep this website free of advertising. Any donation, however small, to our server fund, will be greatly apprectated. Thank you.


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